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Koossery Technology

Liferay Portal

Liferay Service Center :

  • Development of specific enterprise portal projects
  • Third Party Maintenance of Liferay projects
  • Third Party Software Testing of Liferay projects

Portal project based Liferay

Structure of a development project of an enterprise portal based on Liferay
• scripts ANT,
integration in the software factory chain

Liferay as a CMS

Organization and architecture of the groups, setting up Intranets / Internet
Pages Management: creation taking into account the graphic chart, etc.
• Liferay Web Content Management
• Liferay Collaboration Suite
• Social Networking
• Liferay Marketplace

Liferay Administration

installation and maintenance operations

• audit, monitoring, load (montée en charge)

Workflows in Liferay

different scenarios for Workflow configuration/development with the Kaleo Engine
different scenarios for Workflow configuration/development with the jBPM Engine
different scenarios for Workflow configuration/development with the Activity Engine
different scenarios for Workflow configuration/development with the Bonita Engine

Migrating websites to Liferay

Migration factory of websites to Liferay

Rules engine in Liferay

Rules engine Drools

the user at the heart of the Liferay intranet

Customization of the interface
Customization of the Home page
Automatically selected content according to the navigation
Possibility to arrange some content areas in drag and drop, but not in deleting
Customization of information flows (the most important social news)
My chat contacts
My collaborative network
Project space
• Shared space
My mailbox with new messages indicator

Subscribing to RSS information

News feed
Notification of section or content updates.

Portability, mobility and accessibility in terms of disability

• Portability
Mobility, access regardless of the terminal (responsive web)
Accessibility Standards: RGAA and WCAG 2.0

Adaptation of the site to the presentation of information depending on the material or other

Adobe Flash compatibility
Screen resolution
Flow capacity
Type of browser

CAS/SSO and OpenLDAP integration

• integration to a CAS /SSO
• integration to openLDAP

re-design of pages : integration of a graphic chartique

taking into account a graphic chart for the redesign of pages


geolocation portlet

Virtual Office

• Intranet opening at the startup of the user's computer
Automatic authentication
Messaging with new mail indicator
• Chat
Calendars and integrated tasks
• Directory

Search engine

Research on all sites of a domain
Research from Intranet
• M
ulticriteria research on content typologies


traffic appreciation and fine use of its contents.
advanced extraction according to the contents
advanced extraction by users (geographic regions, etc.), connection time, bounce rate,

Mode of intervention

Support in the development of your SI: 3 modes of intervention
  1. Packages / Service Center in our local
  2. Service Center in Régie
  3. Technical Assistance Unit

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