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Koossery Technology

ECM Alfresco & workflows

Service Center ECM Alfresco workflow, dematerialization :

  • Specific development for ECM/EDMS projects, workflow & dematerialization based on the Alfresco, Activiti BPM and Ephesoft foundations
  • Third Party Maintenance of Alfresco projects
  • Third Party Software Testing of Alfresco projects
  • Project management assistance for ECM/EDMS projects
Technical Blocks
Functional Blocks

GOL Project based on Alfresco

• Structure of a ECM development project based on the Alfresco foundation
• associated ANT scripts
• integration to the software factory

Dematerialization chain

• Digitalization chain based on the open source software Ephesoft
• Capturing documents with automatic extraction of metadata and categorization of documents
•Automatic image correction and improvement
• Character and barcode recognition
• Documents’ form identification, automatic separation
• Generating TIFF, PDF or full text OCR
• ability to apply the business rules to process the captured images

Workflow Folder

• Establish a workflow folder containing multiple documents in a tree structure
• Start workflows on the folder: mass validation workflow
• Possibility of involving external persons in the circuit of folder workflow
• Sign the folder and automatically lock it
• Unlock the folder
• Workflows history on the folder

Electronic signature, signature book

Alfresco integration with Adullact i-signature book

Alfresco integration with Liferay

Alfresco integration with Liferay
development of various portlets that summarizes the information provided by Alfresco
publication of Alfresco content in a Liferay website

Alfresco Monitoring and reporting

Jasper Report – Alfresco integration

• monitoring ASUR
• monitoring Nagios
• load testing : JMeter

Document archiving

Archiving in accordance with the organization rules of any organization
Legal and regulatory archiving including a good management of proofs.
Ranking plans and retention cycles can be set up to meet the recommendations of any organization.
Archiving standards.
• Backups

Electronic mail management

Saving a mail
Automatic email notification
• Email-listener
Validation and mail processing through configured workflow

Generation of receipt acknowledgment
Alerts for untreated mail
Automatic email notification
Searching a mail
Dematerialization, digitalization and archiving of incoming paper mail

Creation of online content

Creating and editing online content
Content creation from models
Document Categorization
Audit of the actions performed on a content
Life cycle of a document, version tracking
Authorization management: access rights
Restoration of deleted documents

Design and implementation of collaborative spaces

Creation of collaborative space: Wizard of the creation of collaborative spaces. Architecture of a collaborative space with a public part and a work part (working and workflow folder)

CAS/SSO and OpenLDAP integration

integration to a CAS/SSO
• integration to openLDAP

Alfresco deployment architectures

• single instance
• multitenant
• cluster

re-design of pages, integration of a graphic chart

taking into account a graphic chart for the redesign of pages

Mode of intervention

Support in the development of your SI: 3 modes of intervention
  1. Packages / Service Center in our local
  2. Service Center in Régie
  3. Technical Assistance Unit

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